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Mia Lee

Creator, Founder


... the hearts of the children and grown-ups who visit Koru be at peace.

... books be a joyous learning tool.

... everyone compete in good faith with themselves, not others.

... each of us find the time to listen to our inner voices.

... each of us have an open heart and mind and create a harmonious life.

... each of us meet peace through the inconvenience of growth.

Katrina Kerstetter

Co-founder, CEO​

Libraries and public spaces give people the opportunity to interact with people that they otherwise might not meet. They take people to places and things that they otherwise never would see and experience. They provide a place where people from all walks of life, incomes, and ethnicities can share a space together. 

Social interaction = Community

Through repeated interactions and shared experiences, we become a community.


Jessicca Leigh Rude



So, my favorite book from childhood is Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch. I have great memories of reading it with my mom and have been reading it to Adam since he was born. 


Adrienne M. 


The beautiful thing about a book is that it connects us to others, in our imagination, our hearts, and physically in our lives as well.

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